FAQ’s about Artificial Grass, also commonly known as Synthetic Grass

Does the synthetic grass lose it’s colour in the sun?

No, all the products are UV resistant and have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the colour does not fade over time.

What is the synthetic grass made out of?

The yarn is made out of a very high quality polyethylene (a similar substance to shopping packets), whereas the backing is made out of polypropylene fibres and a high quality latex spray. The SYNPROPUTT yarn is made from nylon.

Is synthetic grass suitable for my pets?

Yes, pets love playing and sleeping on the soft synthetic grass. You would pick up dog faeces as per usual and hose the area rinse the rest out once a week if needed. Ensure that under the turf is decent drainage.

What type of under surface or base do I require for synthetic grass?

There are two important factors to the under surface or base of synthetic grass. Firstly, the under base must be able to support the intended traffic of the area. Secondly the under base must supply sufficient drainage for the synthetic grass.

The type of base works required will vary according to which product is used and what it is used for. The required base-works can vary from just compacted soil with sufficient drainage to full g5 sub-base with cement or asphalt bases. Please see the DIY instructions for a basic base design.

What about drainage?

There are drainage holes in the synthetic grass which allow for water drainage through the synthetic grass. It is important to ensure that the base has sufficient drainage.

Is Synthetic Grass safe for my children?

All our products are non toxic, soft and safe for children to use and enjoy.

Can I install the Synthetic Grass myself?

Yes, some installations are easy as rolling out a carpet whereas others require some cutting and joining. Please see our DIY instructions. If you require a professional to do the installation please check our agent list.

I have seen synthetic grass hockey fields watered; do I need to water synthetic grass if I put it in my garden?

One of the systems for synthetic grass hockey fields is known as the wet-system. This system requires water to be sprayed on to the field prior to play. This helps to speed the ball up and brings the sliding properties of the field to the correct level. However all the products used for residential installations are not wet systems and require absolutely no water.

What sort of life span should I expect from my synthetic grass?

We would guarantee the turf and installation for up to five years, but one should expect the turf to last well over 10 years, provided the facility is well managed. We have various installations that are over 10 years old and still going strong.

What sort of maintenance must be undertaken?

Although very little maintenance is required. The grass should be brushed using a hard-brislte broom at least twice a month and be kept relatively clean of wastage and debris. The surface should be washed down if any sort of spillage occurs on the surface. Ensure that the drainage system is not blocked.

Does synthetic grass come in different colours?

Unfortunately all the synthetic grass comes in its set green colour. Only the OVAL product has the option of two different greens.